Our Services

Managed Security Services
  • Proactive Threat Detection
  • Reduce Alert Fatigue
  • Intelligence Driven Operation
ITSEC / Privacy Outsourcing
  • Access to Security Experts
  • Better Security at Lower Cost
  • Accelerate Threat Response
Secure Design Review
  • Application Security by Design
  • Threat Modeling & Gap Analysis
  • Security Code Review in SDLC
Penetration Test
  • Real World Attack Emulation
  • Proactive Security Defense
  • Ensuring Compliance & Continuity

Our Products

Athena SIEM

Built on a context-aware and adaptive security architecture with powerful use-case analytics, Athena SIEM offers advanced intelligence dynamically in real time that enables organizations in adapting rapidly changing context, identifying anomalies, incidents, known and unknown threats in a much faster and more accurate way, and making well-suited decisions in different occasions.

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence (TI) Feed continuously aggregates information of attackers, exploits, malware, incidents, vulnerabilities, blacklists, etc. on a global context to strengthen the correlation process of identifying anomalies and indicator of compromises everyday. It provides organizations extensive coverage and optimized protection against newly emerged threats in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

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